Nursing manager


Savvy specialists – that’s our nursing managers in the A-Team. They ensure perfect nursing and psychosocial care for our residents by devising, monitoring and further developing the entire organisational structure. This also includes improving and developing extensive strategies, standards and methods of nursing and care, and providing the necessary care materials as part of economical operations management. In other words, doing all the necessary to ensure our A-Team can function optimally.


Candidate requirements

  • Completed training as a (paediatric) nurse, (paediatric) healthcare worker or aged carer
  • Two years’ practical professional experience in the studied nursing profession within the last five years; this professional experience should have been acquired as part of employment which is subject to social security contributions
  • In accordance with § 80 SGB XI (Volume XI of the German Social Code), management-based advanced training of at least 460 hours or a degree in nursing management from a technical college or university
  • In accordance with § 3 of the regulations on residential care personnel, there must be no personal grounds for disqualification
  • Extensive quality management knowledge
  • Successful work during the six-month trial period


Additional ranks

  • Facility manager



Alexander Münch
HR department
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