Internships or holiday jobs

Baptisms of fire

Test yourself and discover your skills, precisely where you want to! The Stiftung Münch offers internships and holiday jobs in various fields. Choose one of them and send us your application:

  • Nursing
  • Disability work
  • Administration
  • Head administration
  • Social care



Want a really inspiring internship? Whether as work experience, during training, as a retrainee or as part of ongoing education – all you need is drive and will!

Holiday job

Want to help the world a little in between swotting and tests? The Stiftung Münch also offers temporary A-Team membership opportunities. So you can do something meaningful during school holidays or semester breaks, slip perfectly into care-working vocations, and even earn a bit of pocket money on the side.

Specialise in all-terrain walkers? Then aged care is the field for you. But you can also help whip something up in the kitchen or assist the special needs carers. You just need to be enthusiastic and at least 14 years old.


Although we constantly offer placements, the earlier you apply, the greater your chance of us finding the right position for you.

An internship or even a holiday job seeks to give school or university students an insight into working life – and ideally also into the future profession. That’s why they primarily focus on acquiring skills and knowledge which complement what has been learned at school or uni. But once interns start completing the same tasks as the normal employees, it is considered regular employment.

We pay interns and holiday workers. The exact amount is set individually.

Anyone working in this field should be prepared to work shifts. While individual arrangements are possible, you must be willing to work on weekends and public holidays.

That depends on the purpose of the internship. If it is a short-term internship accompanying school or university studies, a contract is not mandatory. A written or verbal contract is required when special professional skills are taught. A written contract is signed for holiday jobs.

The daily working time is 8 hours.

For school or university internships, generally not. Entitlements to annual leave of minimum four weeks only apply for internships focused on acquiring professional skills.

School and university students are entitled to receive a reference if this is stipulated in the school or course regulations. Internships focused on acquiring professional skills also entitle references.

If you’re looking for an internship position, you can contact us on: Tel: +49 (0)37327-8770 or


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HR department
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