Nursing assistant


Our specialists work for the good of our residents every day, giving their all for those who really need them. Dealing directly with the residents, the top mission aims are to bring joy and cater to their needs. A responsible and varied task involving new challenges on a daily basis. If you’re ambitious and like putting a smile on people’s faces, our troop is the place for you.


Previous work experience

  • Paramedic
  • Ambulance officer
  • Care worker
  • Assistant nurse
  • Aged carer or similar training
  • Intern, holiday worker or volunteer


Candidate requirements

  • Basic knowledge of aged care through relevant courses is desirable
  • Quality management knowledge
  • Successful work during the six-month trial period


Possible special functions

  • Co.-QA (assistant quality officer)
  • Safety officer
  • ICM officer (continence officer)
  • Medication and aids officer


Additional ranks

  • Aged carer
  • Special needs carer



Alexander Münch
HR department
037327 8770