Our specialist carers operate on site to ensure our assignments run smoothly. They look after our residents, and cater to their individual needs. They make sure quality of life can be maintained at the highest level, and that our residents feel comfortable. They are the can-doers of the A-Team.


Candidate requirements

  • Completed training as a (paediatric) nurse, (paediatric) healthcare worker or aged carer
  • Extensive quality management knowledge
  • Successful work during the six-month trial period


Possible special functions

  • Mentor
  • Practice manager (additional training required)
  • Quality management officer QMO (additional training required)
  • Wound manager (additional training required)
  • Hygiene officer (additional training required)
  • Residence manager RM or deputy
  • Deputy nursing manager


Additional ranks

  • Nursing manager
  • Facility manager



Alexander Münch
HR department
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