Head office

Central management

To ensure our crew wants for nothing, and everyone knows what the other is doing, our HR specialists are consistently working on our internal, interdisciplinary staff network.

Our central co-ordination base, “Shared Service Centre” for short, is located in Neuhausen. From here, all instructions and necessary information is sent to the managers of the respective facilities, which in turn forward all important details quickly, competently and effectively forwarded to our experts.

Central quality management

Diane Ethner is our expert in central quality management for the entire foundation. She’s the one to turn to when it comes to operational strategies or our constant improvement. Her tasks also include the analysis of internal reports. She’s the nerve centre of the A-Team, so to speak.

Quality specialist an contact person for medical devices:

Ms Diane Ethner
Central QM

037327 8770



Financial accounting

They fight with, not against figures. All important operational data arrives in our control centre, where our data experts competently analyse the information, and forward it to the senior management and business partners.

Data specialist:


Ms Petra Nitzsche
Finance management (financial accounting), authorised signatory

037327 8770



Controlling/Care charges/Tax

Managing and developing the finance and care division flawlessly requires awareness. That’s why the benchmarks and KPIs prepared by the finance department end up in the controlling division, which also clarifies issues relating to care charges or tax.

Controlling specialist:


Mr Lars Turnwald
RCP authorised signatory, authorised agent for companies of the Stiftung Münch

037327 8770



Central purchases

Our specialist in premium products and quality standards systematically seeks innovations to generate additional benefit for our residents. Their task area revolves around permanent quality optimisation. It’s their job to identify and eliminate weaknesses.

Optimisation specialist:


Mr Ronny Zinke
Central Purchases

037327 8770



HR management

Our HR specialists are the ones who ensure no one gets left behind, that every single person in the troop is successful, and that everyone can rely on each other. They make sure the teams work in harmony, gel with one another, and co-operate together to become a joint, invincible weapon for a good cause.

They also call the shots when it comes to ongoing education. The HR department is responsible for enabling even older employees to partake in further professional development.

HR specialist:

Mr Alexander Münch
HR manager

037327 8770




Our data technology specialist ensures the PC-based infrastructure functions smoothly and reliably. In addition to innovative IT solutions for nursing-related documentation systems or the IT for accounting data and telemedicine, our experts are constantly looking for new communication tools to improve our work and efficiency.

Data technology specialist:


Mr René Partzsch

037327 8770




Our communications specialist ensures a seamless flow of information between staff, the residents and their family members. Apart from creating a good external image, the Marketing department also always strives for transparency, which, at the Stiftung Münch, is a key feature of business management, and the basis of internal and external communication.

Communications specialist:

Vogel 60 aMs Sibylle Müller

037327 8770


Facility management

Individual requirements need customised solutions. And our groundbreakers are specialists in this field. The Facility Management department ensures all technical equipment in the buildings work reliably, and finds specific technical solutions. They cover our back by guaranteeing maximum security, value-adding synergies, and clear cost advantages.

Energy management

The Energy Management department is on the front line when it comes to supporting energy efficiency. This manoeuvre is also about the economical handling of resources, which ensures ecological balance, and protects both the environment and our budgets.

Energy specialist:


Mr Falk Moritz
Facility Management

037327 8770