Facility manager


Our facility manager is the specialist among our managers, acting as the hotline to the central headquarters. They ensure the residents are duly looked after and cared for in the relevant area. They also facilitate positive co-operations, co-ordinate all the facility’s tasks, such as management, structural and financial matters, and act as the respective facility’s official representative.


Candidate requirements

  • Completed training in public administration, health or social affairs, or a commercial profession
  • Alternatively: Completed studies as a nurse, business manager, nursing teacher, gerontologist or social educator
  • Plus: At least two years’ professional experience in a managerial position at a home or comparable institution; skills and knowledge stipulated under the German law on residential facilities must have been acquired as part of this
  • If applicable, advanced training as a manager of a residential care facility
  • In accordance with § 3 of the regulations on residential care personnel, there must be no personal grounds for disqualification
  • Extensive quality management knowledge
  • Successful work during the six-month trial period



Alexander Münch
HR department
037327 8770