Disability support worker

DSP recruit

Your job involves bringing lots of joy. Because our disability support workers ambitiously and calmly assist with and organise the everyday lives of residents requiring particular aid. As specialists, they’re all about individual, holistic and activity-based care, and the constant increasing of quality of life, with no ifs or buts. If you like making people smile, then this is the task for you in the A-Team.


Candidate requirements

  • Qualification as a special needs carer, special education teacher or rehabilitation teacher
  • Completed training as a childcare worker, (paediatric) nurse, (paediatric) healthcare worker or aged carer with rehabilitation or special-education teaching skills
  • Extensive quality management knowledge
  • Successful work during the six-month trial period


Possible special functions

  • Mentor
  • Practice manager (additional training required)
  • Quality management officer QMO (additional training required)
  • Wound manager (additional training required)
  • Hygiene officer (additional training required)
  • Residence manager RM or deputy
  • Deputy nursing manager


Additional ranks

  • Nursing manager
  • Education manager
  • Facility manager



Alexander Münch
HR department
037327 8770