We make sure no one is left behind and your troop watches out for you. Just as you devote yourself to those in need, your comrades and superiors do the same for you. Coaching, advanced training options and fair payment are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with us. Because you can always count on your A-Team!

  1. Your second familyIt’s important for us that you see your loved ones regularly. The troop offers enough leeway to allow flexible working hours. And that doesn’t just apply to those needing to look after their children, but also for team members nursing sick family members.You can choose from various part-time and full-time arrangements, and your employers will even pay up to 100% of your child day-care costs. That’s why the vast majority of our staff returns to the fold after parental or nursing leave.
  2. The scene of the actionYour assignments will be close by to you. The Stiftung Münch facilities are found at several locations across Saxony, meaning every team member can enjoy a workplace near their home.
  3. Specialists in careers managementEvery recruit receives extensive support when they want to develop their skills or improve their strengths. Through various co-operations with advanced-training providers, we offer you a wide range of continued education and advanced-training options. For example, you can train further to become a safety officer, or obtain additional qualifications as a hygiene officer. If you demonstrate to us that you can take on responsibility, there’ll be nothing to stop you from rising up to become a nursing manager or residence manager.And since management is a learned art, our managers regularly undergo training to make sure they do justice to their position of responsibility.
  4. Supervision and coaching optionsIf you find your work for the A-Team is pushing you to your limits, we’ll assist you further. All recruits have access to an internal supervision and coaching service.
  5. Our team spiritTrust is the lifeblood of every team. We organise regular team events to allow you to get to know each other better. We place emphasis on informing you about our planned missions and strategies, and we want our troop to feel good. That’s why we introduced a company health management system several years ago, ensuring you can complete your work in the best of conditions.
  6. Future-proofWe protect our team members’ futures with an old-age pension scheme. While our staff works to help those in need, we take care of their child day-care costs, for example.
  7. Fair payTeam work which pays off: We reward our staff’s work with our exceptional in-house wage agreement. In addition to this, we offer shift allowances and holidays extending beyond the legal leave rule, as well as discounts at contractual partners like pharmacies.The idea is for every team member to receive the same pay for doing the same work. That’s why our company has started a manoeuvre and conducted a wage analysis using Logib-D. The registered trademark stands for “Lohngleichheit im Betrieb – Deutschland” (“Equal Pay within an Establishment – Germany“), and helps fair remuneration solutions to be developed. Regular checks will also continue to ensure equality in pay.